My Day In Clovis CA

While on a recent three-day business trip to Fresno, California, I spent one afternoon visiting the nearby city of Clovis. Covering 23 square miles, Clovis is home to approximately 106,000 residents.


A special feature in Clovis, California is the city’s charming Old Town section. As you travel along the city’s main thoroughfare, Clovis Avenue, you can see lots of storefronts that look like they are from the early-1900s. An overhead sign that announces “Clovis-Gateway To The Sierras” is suspended by wires in the air above Clovis Avenue, in the middle of the commercial district.


The Old Town section of Clovis is filled with a range of interesting businesses, and looks like a classic American small town, complete with diagonal street parking. Different types of fun events that are promoted by the local chamber of commerce take place here regularly throughout the year.


A high point of my visit to Clovis, California, was when I stopped in at the Clovis Big Dry Creek Museum. At this attraction, there are many interesting things to see

regarding the history of the city.


There are plenty of good restaurants located in Clovis, including American, Asian, Mexican, Italian, French, pizza, brunch and sushi spots. More than half-a-dozen chain hotel locations are also situated in Clovis.


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